Josmith is a super simple, yet practically usable WSGI web server. It can be used to gain insight in the way a webserver works, by reading through a minimum amount of code. However simple, currently 5 real world (but low traffic) websites are powered by it. You can host WSGI apps for free at, by the way an excellent hosting provider (I have no commercial ties with them). Should you use Josmith, please send a mail to, so I can add your site to the list. Josmith is written in Python 3.x and supports delivering the following types of content:

  • Software generated pages written as instances of Python classes
  • Static pages
  • A browsable folder hierarchy containing downloadable files
Documentation? Sorry, you'll have to read the source code. It's a programmers thing, you know... Oh, and the name? Well, I just love the sound of a Hammond B3 organ.